Really? Another Digital Marketing Blog? 

Lately we’ve been studying up on all things marketing and have learned a whole lot about what it is and what a diverse field it is. It is really a fascinating discipline as a whole, but the part that stood out to us most was internet marketing. Because of that we’ve decided to start this blog to share what we’ve learned about it with the hopes that some of you out there will find this information useful and come to see this blog as a trusted source of new and exciting information regarding digital marketing.  

No, Seriously, Why? 

Since we’re theming this blog around marketing, specifically marketing online, (thinking about eventually focusing on the great city of Denver, CO too) we thought a good first post would be about why leads are so important for any client focused business. For our second post we want to take a step back and ask: is marketing itself even important? Well, first off what is e-marketing anyway?  

A New and Exciting Horizon 

Digital marketing is like traditional marketing, such as advertising spots, brand building, commercials, and the like, except transferred to and adapted to the online world. This can be via a website, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, all topics that we will go over in later posts. So essentially, online marketing is like any other marketing except with some special adaptations. 

One question that pops up is: Who would want to take advantage of digital marketing compared to what we will call “old school” marketing ? We believe the answer to that is: Any serious business should be using digital marketing. Even non profits can take advantage of digital marketing as there are great opportunities available to them such as the Google Ad Grants program.  

Marketing is Everywhere, and Everyone is Online 

While old school marketing still has its place for some companies, digital marketing is a booming field and not without good reason. You see the internet has become huge, so many people use it. Think about when 3G came out, now we’re approaching 6G and surely 7G won’t be far behind. People don’t just use the internet, they need it. Some are addicted to it.  

And try as you may (we are looking at you ad-blocker , you can’t avoid ads online. Sometimes you may not even be aware that you are being marketed to when you are browsing the web. That is because internet marketing has become quite good at disguising itself as just another link. This is thanks in part to the fact that the forces behind online advertisements know about you. Based on your browsing history they know what you like and dislike. This makes digital marketing much more effective.  

But What Does It All Mean? 

While this post may have seemed a bit jumbled and incoherent, the main point we are trying to make is this: Digital marketing is a relatively new field and this makes it an exciting topic for our new website. With it being so new, there is so much room for it to grow and evolve. Beyond this, really anyone who uses the internet is exposed to internet marketing so that its effect is wide-ranging. Even if you’re not a marketer, you should be get yourself woke and inform yourself about how your internet use is effecting you. Come to Denver and we can help 😉 Until next time, happy marketing!