Thomas McCrudden

Doubting Thomas is the true story of one man’s personal struggle to change from a tortured and violent past to a better, more hopeful future. The play is an intricate study of those that which society fears the most are actually the ones who are often most filled with fear themselves: Lost and forgotten and desperate for acceptance. Based on the writings and and life of Thomas McCrudden, a former gangland enforcer in Glasgow’s East End, Doubting Thomas was one of the most controversial and talked about shows of the Edinburgh fringe Festival 2016. Thomas himself stars in the title role supported by a cast of untrained actors, who in turn reveal moments from their own experiences in prison that have shaped their lives and influenced their own personal journeys on the road to redemption. Described by Dominic Cavendish, chief theatre critic for The Telegraph as “viscerally raw and necessary…a play that cannot be missed”, Doubting Thomas is a truly unique and emotionally powerful theatre experience.

Doubting Thomas

Based on the life and writings of Thomas McCrudden.


Cast: Thomas McCrudden, Dale Duffy, John Riley, Harry Mulligan, William Cleveland, Lynne Killin and Mark Traynor


Devised by Jeremy Weller and Mark Traynor


Directed by Jeremy Weller