De Andre

With first and second-generation Jewish and Palestinian youth, acting 

together on the same stage in Copenhagen, Denmark. GMP's Artistic 

Director, Jeremy Weller was commissioned by the Betty Nansen Theatre, 

Copenhagen, Denmark, to write and direct a new play, about the impact the 

Middle Eastern conflict has had upon the lives of second-generation 

Palestinian and Jewish youth, living both in Denmark and in the Middle East. 



The play explores the impact the conflict has upon the media that record it. 

Georg Larsen, the main character, is a documentary filmmaker who goes to 

Palestine and Israel to investigate the Middle Eastern conflict. As the conflict 

begins to enter him, he experiences the loss of himself personally. Research 

was conducted in Gaza, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and included interviews 

with members from Hamas, Hezbolah., Islamic Jihad., suicide bombers 

families, the Israeli special-forces and the head of the Hebron Settlers