Jeremy Weller

(Artistic Director)



Since the early 1990's, Jeremy Weller and the GMP produced 31 productions in over 20 countries and have also won 19 UK and Worldwide awards for its daring combination of social investigation and drama including 6 Scotsman Fringe Firsts Awards, 5 Edinburgh Evening News Awards, The Prudential Arts Award for Outstanding Drama and The Danish Academy Award for Best Film.


GRASSMARKET PROJECTS is a new company based upon the old model of The Grassmarket Project. "I felt like I had taken the GMP as far as I could and needed to seek out a fresh challenge - which film duly provided. I love working in both mediums but theatre always pulls me back in. GRASSMARKET PROJECTS is once again about exploring the potential that sits within every living person, about challenging societal structures and pushing the boundaries of what is possible on-stage".



"The stage for me is a kind of laboratory in which all humanity can be explored. People ask me if this is a social approach but I don't think it is. It's more spiritual or psychological. It's about when you're not acting, when you're authentic, when you're real. I don't think people on my stage mimic and when you go to my plays, you don't have to suspend your disbelief because what you're seeing is real."