'Limboland' is the first feature length film by Jeremy Weller. Commisoned by Zentropa Films and Produced by Lars Von Trier, the film was a critical success in Denmark where it recieved the industries highest honour - Danish Academy Award (Robert Prize) for Best Film 2011.




Can those we see as other find a place, a home amongst us? Can they live at peace with us, and with themselves?

This is the question that confronts a group of second generation immigrants in Jeremy Weller's controversial new film, 'LIMBOLAND'. A group of young, non-professional actors tell the story of their struggle to tread the path between conflicting cultures; the culture that brought them into the world, and the alien culture that surrounds them. Angry and confused, they are caught in the no-mans-land between the opposing cultures in a desperate struggle for their own identity that will ultimately lead to tragedy.

"Watching the actors was like seeing fragments of their lives being recreated before my eyes. Limboland is one of the most exciting projects Zentropa has produced for many years .


I have never seen performances like it; they achieved a truth and raw anger that was deeply shocking. Weller's work deals with the world of the other in a new and terrifying way. His art creates a way to expose and express the experiences of the world's underclass." 


Lars Von Trier