Mark Traynor 

(Creative Producer)


"Rehearsals do not begin and end as they would in a conventional process: the work stays with you even once the session has ended. Because in dealing with real people and real life experiences, the emotional core of you is constantly being poked at as you try to digest the content and emotion contained within the work. The emotion flows through you and sticks to you. This way of connecting with untrained actors’ is unique to the way in which Jeremy constructs the drama. This is important for me as a theatre maker as it allows the truth of the participant’s experience to be placed on stage in a raw and more visceral way than if the work was being ‘performed’ by an actor, attempting to interpret the emotion contained within that specific moment. The result is that the real lived experience of the actor is replayed, in it’s purest form emotionally, and the impact that this has upon an audience is startling. It’s almost as if you are witnessing the moment as it unfolds in front of your eyes."