Where It Hurts

NHS Commission Update

Jan 27th 2018

Where It Hurts is a new play, commissioned by NHS Lothian Trust in collaboration with Ginkgo. Rehearsals began back in October 2017 and we're now 2 months away from the end of the 1st stage. The performance will be happening on Friday 30th March after which it will be developed further with the hope of going on to have a full run at this years Fringe at Summerhall. 

The Top Ten Community Arts Projects!

We're currently number 6...

Jan 25th 2018

It's always nice when good things are said about you. It's especially nice when the work you do gets praised...


We're number 6 on the list compiled by internationally renowned theatre director Alan Lydiard. We're just below Pina Bauch which is pleasant to know. Thanks Alan!

Rehearsals for Doubting Thomas - Week 14

Friday 8th July 2016

The amazing people at Theatre Nemo in Glasgow have offered GMPS rehearsal space at their studion for the lead up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A big thank you has to go to Hugh and Isobel for thier generosity!


You can find out more about the work that Theatre Nemo do by visiting thier website: www.theatrenemo.org

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