Devised and directed by Jeremy Weller, 'Soldiers' involved a former Scots Guard, a Croatian General, a Croatian Soldier, a Freelance War Reporter and two support actors and provided, according to the play's subtitle, an investigation into 'What happens to a man when he kills?'


The set designed by Pipa Kunish evoked the work/bedroom of the female war reporter, complete with a single bed, desk buried amongst mountains of newspapers, a telephone answer-machine and a chair. Indicated by a light change as well as silk drapings covering the walls covered in a military map, the bedroom could change into a military office. Stage right provided a wide cinema screen for a series of slides and projections.


Possibly the most controversial of Weller's works, 'Soldiers' closed early sparking off a heated public discussion about the role of theatre in society. Three participants had refused to continue their public stage appearances after the Bosnian General's full name had appeared against his wishes in the national press..